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  1. EVPartsSol

    Vendor Model 3 Battery Pack/Module Applications Discussion

    Hello TMC, Some of you know me well in this community, and I am sure many of you do not. My name is Henry Newman, I have a dismantling shop, EV Parts Solutions in Phoenix AZ where we specialize in Tesla dismantling. I have been parting out Tesla and other EVs for 8 years now and have seen the...
  2. P

    Battery Upgrade?

    I just bought a 2016 Model S 90D with 93k miles. I am quite pleased with it so far. Everything is working fine with only a few cosmetic issues. I also still have a battery warranty until June 2024. I was wondering, after this battery has bit the dust (while out of warranty), would it be...
  3. L

    2170 in Model S soon?

    I'm very close to placing an order for a Model S. I know the switch to the 2170 battery is imminent but does anyone have a good guess as to when? Since Elon is adamant about not letting the Model 3 contain superior technology to the S and with Model 3 starting production next month I would...
  4. P

    Lease Price Increase Today (and battery options reduced)

    Is it just me but both my Model x & s saved builds just increased the monthly PCP by approx 2.5% Guaranteed values seem to have fallen with the refresh but not by enough to explain the increase. Rate still showing as 1.48%. I was really hoping that they would announce the 2170 cell packs...
  5. Cloxxki

    Next generation 2170 cell battery packs

    Hear me out now. Apart from being cheaper to produce (/kWh) the new 2170 cells will allow for more capaciy in a given pack size. 40% more than the 2012 85kWh pack, according to JB Straubel. And that may well be without the extra utilization of 5mm head space through the longer cells. So, close...