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3 beeps

  1. M

    2021 M3P Trunk Fixed

    Not sure if this has been talked about before, but I wanted to share a recent Technical Service Bulletin from Tesla that fixed my automatic trunk. There is an addition of an O Ring now from Tesla to the struts of the trunk of the Model 3. This O-Ring prevents water from entering the top of the...
  2. X

    Model X doors don't close, 3 beeps

    When I double click the top of the key fob the driver door does not open and I hear 2 beeps. When doors are open, if I single click the top of the key fob to close all doors, nothing happens and I hear 3 beeps. There are no obstructions around. It used to work and now it doesn't. I can open...
  3. Mobster

    Liftgate gives 3 beeps when trying to reset height and will not reset....anyone else?

    Since 5.8 update (may have nothing to do with that), powered rear liftgate will not allow height reset and gives 3 beeps when button on lid is held down. Opens and closes fine. I tried a software reboot, but no help. Wondering if anyone else ran into this "3 beeps" scenerio, either before or...