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40 amps

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    Tesla HPWC Charging at Very Slow Rate

    Hi! Crowd sourcing here...Any help will be most appreciated. I just moved into new condo where I have a deeded dedicated spot that by contract is to have a Level 2 240 V 40 Amp outlet. I had my electrician install the HPWC (The black one that has Elon's signature on it. It's about 2 years...
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    HPWC dropped from 80 to 40 amps

    My 5 year old HPWC just dropped to a max of 40 amps. My dual charger Model S charges fine elsewhere. Reset the electrical panel circuit breakers and no change. The other clue is when I press on the reset button, the lights do not go out for a moment but just stay green. Should I just buy another...