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GPS Position stuck

  1. DuoDiscus

    Navigatie blijft hangen op oude positie na overtocht met veerboot

    Gisterochtend, na overtocht van Harwich naar Hoek van Holland bleef de navigatie hangen op beginpositie Harwich. Wel wijzigde deze positie zich op basis richting en afstand. Na invoeren van huisadres veranderde dit niet. Navigatie gaf zelfs aan dat ik terug moest rijden naar supercharger in...
  2. papapodcasts

    Car location freezes - Model 3

    I’ve been having this issue and it’ll be about a year next month where my car location is frozen on the map. I’ve brought my car in 3 times to be looked at and they’ve said it’s a software problem. Update after update and still my GPS is useless occasionally. I’ve had this problem ever since I...
  3. W

    My Tesla model 3 often loses GPS location

    It often happen that my Tesla model 3 loses GPS location: it always show me my parking location even I drove 100 km from it. The autopilot doesn’t work well because this incorrect location. Restarting the software does’t help. The issue is fixed by itself sometimes. Does anybody have this issue?
  4. S

    Nav system freezes

    I have a Sep 2017 built MS75D. The nav system has frozen 7 or 8 times over the past 4 months - usually after the car has been parked, at least once while driving and using the nav. Rebooting the MCU does not solve this. The only solution is to stop, and use the power off switch to completely...