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License Plate Screws

  1. plasmo

    Our license plates came. Did you install yourself or Tesla? If by self- what screws?

    Do people call Tesla service to come install the license plate frames on the vehicle, or can you do do this by yourself? I don't mind doing it myself, but cannot find the screws needed for the plate bracket that came with the vehicle. (no I don't mind drilling holes). thx
  2. AlexanderAF

    How to get a stuck license plate off a Tesla Model 3

  3. chadcristi

    A BETTER NO-drilling, NO-adhesives Front License Plate Mounting Solution

    As the owners of a Model X and Model S, we dreaded the thought of drilling holes through our bumper or applying strong adhesives to the finish just to mount a license plate in an effort to avoid the cost and hassle of being ticketed. Previously, we had taken the chance of running "naked" for...
  4. Beta V

    Model X License Plate Saga

    When Angel, my new Model X, arrived Christmas eve, she had no place to mount the front plate and no screws had been provided for the rear. I knew Washington State law requires both front and rear plates so I immediately began some research and found what seemed like the best solution for the...