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accelerator pedal

  1. C

    Could not shift into drive

    Today while in Park, I pressed the brake and pushed the stalk down to Drive. I received an error DI_a189 “Cannot shift gears - Accelerator pedal is pressed.” I looked down and confirmed that my foot was firmly on the brake (and only the brake). Tried again with the same error. Then tried pushing...
  2. J

    MYP 22 accelerator pedal has an intermittent vibration

    MYP 22 accelerator pedal has an intermittent vibration. It's a ratcheting or grinding noise felt and heard in the pedal. I can't get it to reproduce, happens sometimes when letting off on the pedal and in a downhill direction. It is a drive by wire, what would be connected to the pedal that...
  3. AquaMan

    Model 3 as a Student Driver car

    Hi all. This is my first post. I own a driving school for teens and some people say I'm insane to consider the Model 3 for our fleet. I figure this crowd will understand the many reasons, including fuel savings, safety, excellent visibility, (for instructor and student) and let's face it it's...
  4. benjiejr

    Accelerator Pedal Broke Off

    Took a friend and his nephew on a ride yesterday to demo some features of the Tesla. They are into exotic and performance cars and wanted to learn more about it. In the parking lot, I went through a lot of the features of the car and they asked a lot of questions. Then, I took them for a ride...
  5. SocalMS

    Plastic Accelerator Pedal of Tesla

    Since I've been driving a Tesla, I noticed something "odd" feeling about the accelerator pedal. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.. Was it the location, the height, way it's located close to the carpet side wall? The other day, I reached down and "touched" the accelelerator pedal, and...
  6. SocalMS

    Model X Accelerator Pedal vs the Brake Pedal - Awkward Locations

    The Accelerator Pedal vs the Brake Pedal. 1. I notice my right constantly rubbing against the right side of the carpet when I press down the accelerator pedal. * The Pedal looks like it's in the right position, but I am consistently bumping against the right carpet wall, obstructing my...