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aggressive driving

  1. M3Papi

    23M3P - Burning and/or Overheating Electric Smell During High Performance Driving

    I have a relatively new (~3000 miles) Model 3 Performance. I was aggressive on the accelerator for a solid 20-30 seconds today (wasn't flooring it but close) and a few seconds after I let off the pedal, a distinct smell of overheating electronics (possibly burning?) started filling the car. If...
  2. Haxster

    Warm-up before aggressive driving?

    ICE or not, I still feel reluctant to be aggressive with the car right after pulling it out of the garage. I know there's no motor oil to warm up or circulate. No radiator coolant to stabilize warming engine parts... But there are still lubricants in the motors, drive train, and suspension and...
  3. A

    Does Your Tesla Make You A More Aggressive Driver?

    Recently there was a podcast and article from Freakonomics which mentioned the Peltzman Effect, which suggests that when people have equipment that makes their activity safer, they tend to compensate by using it in a less safe manner. Examples were given, that football players tend to hit and...