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air pollution

  1. wcalvin

    EV Packs for a clean-breathing commute

    Every time that I settle in following another Tesla on I-5, I breathe a little easier. If most of the vehicles ahead of me are electrics, it is that much less pollution to inhale. I happily set the adaptive cruise control to whatever speed they are traveling. I can't wait for Tesla to provide...
  2. P

    Get $50 for reducing pollution!

    FYI: National Grid in Massachusetts is offering EV owners $50 upfront and $20 per year for the ability to pause EV charging for a few hours on hot summer days to reduce pollution from peaker power plants. Sounds like a win-win to me! You can go here to sign up: ConnectedSolutions EV There are...
  3. SwedishAdvocate

    Air pollution – harmful particles/soot

    Couldn’t find a general thread about air pollution/fine-particles/soot from internal combustion engine exhaust. Found these though: China Announces New Measures to Curb Air Pollution Los Angeles air pollution drops after tailpipe laws Air pollution data from my local area A...