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  1. J

    Amazon Echo Auto (2nd gen) Installed w/Jowua USB Hub & Tray

    Sorry this is quite long. TLDR: Here is info about a nice and neat little DIY installation of the latest Amazon Echo Auto device into a current (second generation) Model 3/Y console, using the Jowua USB LED Hub and optional matching tray setup. Happy to entertain discussion about the Echo Auto...
  2. J

    Echo Auto

    I saw that the Echo Auto is now available in the UK and I ordered one. It arrived today. It's small - a bit bigger than a compact cassette (for those who remember them). I haven't had an opportunity for a long journey, but I might have an opportunity tomorrow. It's interesting. It connects to...
  3. D

    SiriusXM and Amazon Echo Auto

    My biggest frustration with my TM3P Stealth is the lack of SiriusXM. Basically that is all I listen to. I have it on my phone and can stream it through BT but it’s a PITA to search for the channel I want. Last year I registered to get a Beta of Amazon Echo Auto for the car and I recurved it...
  4. BZM3

    Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

    Hi All - has anyone had any luck setting up Alexa Voice Commands? To clarify, this would be for use OUTSIDE of the car. For example, when I am about to leave my house, I would like to say "Alexa please get my car ready" or some sort of command which could prepare the air conditioning. I have...
  5. B

    Amazon Echo Auto without changing input?

    I received my Echo Auto a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to unboxing it today. I was bummed to see that it will only work if you switch the audio input to "Phone". I am on "Streaming" 99% of the time and it just doesn't seem worth the effort to switch it for Echo. Is there any...
  6. JJOhio

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    I just got my Amazon Echo Auto finally and installed it into my model 3! It seems to work. How well it integrates with the car is what I want to discover. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and your phone connects to the car via Bluetooth. The audio sounds OK and and I was able to get ...
  7. G

    Integration with Google Home / Google Assistant - Now available for general use

    Building on our Amazon Alexa Skill (EV Car / My Tesla), we have now added support for Google Home and Google Assistant. This allows you to control and communicate with your Tesla with no additional software to install. Support for Google Assistant is particularly exciting since it can be used...
  8. R

    Chat Bot in beta for Model S and Model X

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here so sorry up front if I'm posting this in the wrong channel. I'm a Model S P85D owner and decided to write a chatbot to control the car using the Telsa API (struggled for a bit as I didnt realise this forum exists and has lots of people with knowledge on the...
  9. G

    EV Car - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    EV Car - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration
  10. G

    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    I've created an Alexa skill that lets you monitor and control some Tesla functions using an Amazon Echo. You can get charge status, location & climate state. You can also control your car - flash lights, honk, start/stop charging, start/stop climate system and lock/unlock doors. This does not...