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all terrain

  1. T

    Model X All Terrain Tires

    Have 2016 Model X with the OEM 20” Wheels. Would like to upgrade to All Terrain (A/T) Tires. Cannot find an A/T in current tire size (265/45R20). Closest I could find is 265/50R20 in the Nitto Grapplers. Couldn’t get those to fit. Rubbed wheel well. Tried a different wheel with larger...
  2. Chrisizzle

    Off roading Model X

    How far off road has anyone taken their Model X ? I'd enjoy seeing pictures or reading tips. I had to get creative with -25C temps (-13F) and a route with no Superchargers. To shave distance, I ended up on a logging road. Although not truly 'off roading', it was unmaintained with ruts and long...