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apple watch app

  1. D

    iOS or WatchOS App for Tesla Solar

    I know there are great car apps like TezLab for Tesla cars like my Model Y, but is anyone using an app for iOS or (even better) apple watch to monitor Solar?
  2. F

    Keyless entry gotcha (locked myself out this morning)!

    I have been experimenting with keyless entry, using the app on my phone and leaving my keys at home. I learned the hard way during my kid's school dropoff the potential risks. I generally leave my phone on the charging pad in the center console of the car. I had to hop out of my car to help my...
  3. Lyon

    Tesla App for the Apple Watch

    Apple Watch app integration.... During Apple's Keynote today they announced Apple Watch. One of the 3rd party apps they showed was one for the BMW i3 in which charge status was displayed. It occurred to me that a really cool feature would be to combine the Apple Watch with the new feature of...