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auto locking

  1. Mr. Jetson

    2022 Model S: High Beams and Auto-Locking Questions

    1. Having difficulty manually turning on high beams and keeping them on until manually turned off. Here's what I found in the manual, but it is not working. The lights quickly revert to regular head lights. Solutions? Thanks. 2. The updated locking system setting that allows unlocking doors and...
  2. T

    Feature request - keep car unlocked at home location

    i prefer to keep car unlocked when parked at home, since it allows my son to get in the car before me. With auto locking this doesn't work. I don't want to disable auto locking feature, but would like to prevent it when parked at home
  3. jcoverton

    Delay auto locking of charging door

    I have my MS set to lock when I walk away from the vehicle. Each night in my garage, when I plug my in MS, I walk behind it to get the charging cord hanging on the wall. Before I can plug it in the car locks. Even if I open the charge door when I walk by, the car shuts the door and locks...