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battery 18650 range

  1. I

    Maximum charge limited to 80%

    I have 2017 X 75d and got a notification that battery was low and needed charge. When I plugged it in later and played around with the slider to set it halfway I noticed it was showing much lower than 50%. I moved the slider to 100% and it showed 80%. Changed the settings to miles and it showed...
  2. C

    Buying 18650 battery cells

    Hi All, I'm a university student creating a start-up utilizing renewable energy. I'm based out in Adelaide and i'm interested in buying some individual 18560 cells. I know I could just buy another brand, but i'm a tesla fanboy. Even if the batteries are used just let me know what capacity...
  3. skhenry81

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Just finished charging to 100% ahead of a long day of driving. I have a 2012 Signature P85 Model S. My 100% charge is 406 km or 253 miles. I have an original "A" battery pack with 98,855 km or 61,427 miles. To date I have lost 4.7% of my total range from when the vehicle was new. I...
  4. M

    18650 Battery Improvements

    There is general agreement that the 18650 battery used in the Roadster and Model S is old technology, but it continues to be used because improvements in capacity have kept it viable. It appears that the Roadster used a 2200mAh version of the 18650 cell and the Model S uses a battery with...