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battery health

  1. 2

    Significant overnight drop in battery capacity after lightning strike..

    I have a 2023 M3 Performance with 5,700 miles on it. I've been using the Tessie app since about 2.5k miles to track battery health. I have been tracking on a consistent line just under "fleet average". The other night we had a lightning strike in the backyard, which resulted in several GFI...
  2. I

    Discharge to 10% then Full Charge for Battery Health?

    Last week, a Tesla mobile tech recommended that twice a month I run the battery down to about 10% capacity (30 miles or so), then fully charge the next day. He said this has been found to be good for battery health. Has anyone else heard this? What are your thoughts? This topic came up...
  3. FalconFour

    Did you know the 3 heats the battery (actively) constantly while DC charging at any speed or temp?

    I bet you didn't. I'll bet you're thinking right now, "no, that's nonsense, that can't be right, let me get in this thread and tell this idiot off". Or maybe "what makes you think that, where'd you get that data?". Perhaps "no, that's just because DC charging causes the battery to heat up"...
  4. M

    You have the most advanced car in the world. Take advantage of it.

    Hi everyone, My name is Marc Pujol and I have developed Teslastics (https://teslastics.com), a platform to track and analyze your Tesla. Once you create an account and link your car, it will capture every single drive and charge. You will be able to access them and see their details in charts...
  5. A

    Is always charging only to 80% stupid?

    I hate to be another person asking what probably seems to be a pretty simple battery question, but most questions I've seen seem to be from people asking the opposite perspective. I have a LR RWD Model 3 (the cheapest one that was available when I ordered in June). I almost never charge above...
  6. E

    Slow charging (110V) impact on battery health ?

    Apologies, if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything. I was wondering, whether constantly charging a MS battery on a 110V outlet would have a negative impact on the health of the battery long term considering that the charging process and hence the stress on the battery...
  7. M

    Battery pack removal

    I've been offered to buy a battery pack but must part it from car myself. Does anyone know if this is difficult to do? Also could anyone guesstimate health of battery if it was at 50% 6 months ago and not charged since due heavy damage to front. Owner says all electricity was shut off after...
  8. grayguy

    Tesla source for software limited S60 daily charging to 100%

    I've seen several people here in the forums mention that a software limited 60kwh model S with a 75kwh battery can safely set the daily charge limit to 100%, with the logic being that at 100% charge, it is only using 80% of the battery. Does anyone have an official source on this, or is it...