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    Brand new Model Y problems

    I got my model Y delivered three weeks ago and from day three it has been sitting in service I don’t know what to do and what are my options I was told that the 12 V battery needs to be replaced I was also told that the Body control module and power control system needs to be replaced. I got the...
  2. S

    Late 2017 Model S Body Control Module (BCM) Location?

    I have located the BCM on Model S vehicles built up to about mid 2017, but have a RHD single motor vehicle built in Aug 2017 and the BCM is not where it usually is....which is under a protective shield in the passenger footwell. Does anyone know where it may have been relocated to on these...
  3. B

    Lost both keys to my MS, and the service was outstanding!

    Yes, I'm that guy; I lost both keys to my MS. I'm just scatterbrained that way. And, yes, I turned the house and garage upside down for 2 days trying to find them. So, today I wrote Maddy at Tesla Bellevue (WA) and she let me know that besides the two keys, a new Body Control Module (BCM) is...