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  1. M

    Model 3 roof rack Tesla vs Taptes? what cargo box?

    Hello Everyone, I have had my model 3 for 6 months no and I want to get a roof rack to carry my bike and to put a cargo box on it. I have two questions but before I asked them, Thank you very much for your answers. Question 1. I know about the Tesla branded roof rack but also found the Taptes...
  2. heytae

    DIY stand for 3 Powerwalls raised off the garage floor

    Can anyone with a Powerwall2 tell me if the bottom of them are completely flat, or whether they have some protrusion or "feet" on the bottom that they rest on when installed on the floor? I'd like to know if my DIY stand should be flat or accommodate any such "feet" if the Powerwalls have any...
  3. Jack NYC

    Vendor Do you still dig your sunglasses out from the big console armrest?

    The Tesla model 3 has a large space available in the center console area. You may used to put your sunglasses or whatever in there but don’t you feel kind of a pain to look through the big deep storage to get to stuff? Or, you don’t even use it. The new Seogolar center console organizer custom...
  4. MTN Ranger


    My car seems like a magnet to road items (and those falling from the sky/garbage truck). PPF to the rescue again.
  5. L

    House Breaker Box Maxed Out

    On Saturday, my wife is going to test drive a Model X. This will be for her car and not mine as I already have a reservation in for the Model 3. This will be our first time ever in a Tesla actually. Depending on how it goes, we might be placing an order for one. Though, who am I kidding... I...
  6. cstromme

    Do new Model X' come with a box for the towing hitch receiver?

    Someone mentioned that new Model X' with the towing package comes with a box for the hitch receiver. Anybody here heard anything about it? Anybody got a photo of the box?
  7. dhelmly

    Model X Fuse Box numbers?

    Can't seem to find any information for the Fuse Box and fuse numbers. I found the Fuse box and just need to know what the fuses and relays control. Very surprised that the current owners manual does not give any info on Fuses other than a mention about using a trailer.
  8. detlefo

    Yakima Whisbar Rack on Model S

    Yakima's fit guide says that the Whisbar rack is not compatible with the Model S. They are correct, however, with a very slight modification it will fit perfectly. The only incompatibility is that Yakima uses a 6mm threaded rod to connect the rack to the cars mounting point. Tesla's mounting...