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brake pedal

  1. P

    Squeaky Brake Pedal Model X100D 2017 - Which lube?

    I've had a pretty squeaky brake pedal for a while on my Model X 100D (July 2017) I got in there and put some automotive Blue grease inside the boot/cylinder area and the noise went away for afew months, but lately it's come back again. Anyone got a recommendation as to what lube to use? Feels...
  2. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance SpaceX Launch Sale!

    SpaceX Launched Humans, So Let’s Have A Sale! I can’t tell you how impressed and amazed we are here at the accomplishments SpaceX continues to pump out – one after another. It is the ultimate motivation for us to look at ourselves in the mirror and say we aren’t doing enough – and it...
  3. selfbp

    Brake Pedal wiggles/rattles? Pretty noticeable if AP hits the brakes.

    When AP is engaged, the Brake Pedal will make a loud noise if its giving a little more than average braking pressure when approaching a stop. It doesn’t do it when the car is gradually slowing down, but if it all of the sudden notices it should’ve already been slowing down, it hits the brake...