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cabin filter

  1. 0

    How to remove the odor / mold smell from your AC

    In response to "Lanzer's" post on fixing your AC Smell, I want to show people how to fix their Tesla themselves from a video I made. It seems that some Service Centers cover it under warranty and some do not. I did not want to pay $200 dollars and asked the service center questions on how to do...
  2. BrownOuttaSpec

    Cabin Filter Mod (Pre-Facelift)

    I recently bought a 2016 Model S 90D and have been reading the headlines about how great the HEPA filter is and 'Telsa cars make the cleaner wherever they drive'. Well, since mine is pre-facelift I wanted to see what my filter looks like even though it isnt a HEPA capable model. I pulled it out...
  3. Dmagyar

    Model 3 cabin filter?

    Just wondering if the M3 has something approaching the bio hazard level cabin filter as the model S and model X have, this question struck me while driving around in the smoke yesterday?