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carbon tax

  1. D

    Living in my Tesla

    Hey everyone! First-time poster here. I'm happy to be a part of this online Tesla community! I work in the solar industry here in Florida and am a musician and videographer as well. I have a variety of unique mods for my Model 3, including using the frunk as a bathtub! Well, that was mostly...
  2. FakeStewartAlsop

    Is Tesla really a green company?

    OK, so I watched the Elon Musk Model 3 presentation. He spoke, initially, of the horrors of climate change. So, I'm wondering how much does Tesla care about climate change? So I hunted through a recent Model S manual looking for keywords: CO2, greenhouse, carbon, emissions and climate. Among...
  3. S'toon

    Guy Imports Model S into Singapore, Takes 1 Year for Licensing, +$15K

    Full article at: http://www.stuff.tv/sg/features/be-prepared-these-roadblocks-if-you-want-drive-tesla-in-singapore Full article at: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/electric-car-tesla-slapped-with-15000-tax-surcharge