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  1. S

    Ceramic Coating After Care

    Hi all So I have had my new M3 LR ceramic coated and windows tinted. I had the Kubebond Diamond 9H and Nano X ceramic treatment. I have tried to search the forum and found a few posts re aftercare but all seem to be pretty generic. I have a Karcher K4 pressure washer and would like to purchase...
  2. TydalForce

    Cleaning Off Dead Insects

    Ah I tried searching to see if this was discussed before, but "bugs" brings up a lot of "software bugs", and "insects" also returns results for "bugs"... I have a large graveyard of bugs splattered across the front of my Model 3, many from a recent cross-country road trip. I ran through the...
  3. Seth2020

    Does Tesla roof have a special coating?

    I know the roof has special UV filters in it. These do not need to be an outer coating, they can be part of the glass. But we also know how the Tesla roof beads water... this is interesting 1. Does the Tesla roof have a special coating on it? 2. Does the Tesla roof require any special care...
  4. E

    Pollen Under Headlights

    Hey guys! Any tips on cleaning pollen/dirt out from under the headlights on the Model S? I can’t seem to wash it out and nothing seems to fit between the bottom of the headlights and bumper. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
  5. T

    Tesla owners living on Dirt Roads, Your Thoughts?

    Hey Tesla owners I live on a dirt road. Yeah yeah I know in reading through some older forums how some people almost compare driving a Tesla on an unpaved road to committing some sort of suicide or like living in a haunted house or something. Anyway, so yeah I live on a dirt road, I own a...