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ceramic tinting

  1. M

    Front/Rear Tint matching question

    1st post! taking delivery next month and I would like to get 5% ceramic on the front windows, prob 35-50 for windshield and the same for roof. my wife is allergic to the sun and is light sensitive. Anyway, what % would i need for the back windows/rear to match the front 5%?
  2. T

    Model Y PPF

    Any recommendations on type of paint protection film and warrantied installation in silver spring-columbia-Baltimore area? Same for Window tinting? Same for Ceramic coating exterior and interior? Same for other Model Y accessories?
  3. D

    Model S tint

    I am looking at getting ceramic tinting on my 2020 Model S, I have seen things the Model 3, which I'm not sure if that applies as well. When I went to have the guy look at it, he said the rear window tint would have to be removed, but I saw where the Model X has no tint on the back, it is the...
  4. R

    Having a difficult time choosing: Stek Nexseries vs. 3M Crystalline Tint?

    Hi, After owning my M3 for a few months I want to add a tint. Tint will include a clear front and tints on the sides and roof. After doing a lot of research I have settled on a Ceramic tint due to the heat rejection and non interference with radio waves. I originally thought that the 3M...
  5. EVS Motors

    Vendor Model 3 Pictures + Videos of Tint/Clearbra/Vinyl Wraps/Wheels/Aero Kits/Ceramic Coatings

    Hi everyone, This thread is going to be an on-going compilation of pics and vids (mainly vids since I started video documenting our projects) of 3's we've completed, so members can get a better idea on how something might turn on for their 3 if they get the same service/products. Here's some...