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charging optimization

  1. Missile Toad

    Pushing it S 70D

    So, I'm noticing that Wh/mi is improved on side streets versus highway driving at 75-80 MPH. Having done that, I ran five trials on EVTripPlanner.com to see what the Wh/mi in a hypothetical drive, via mostly side streets, to cover a final 5 miles to some superchargers. My info averages to 215...
  2. MountainRoad

    New 60 can be charged to 100% daily without harming long-term battery

    I asked the product specialist at my Tesla SC today whether the new 60 and 60D could be charged daily to 100% without harming the battery pack's long-term performance. She said that because there is actually a 75 kWh battery pack in the new 60 and 60D, there is no harm in charging to 100% (of...
  3. chriSharek

    SOC Setting?

    I'm curious what Tesla recommends and then what folks have been setting their overnight SOC to. I understand the range charge (100%) is only done once in a while or when you're expecting to make a long trip. But, what do you set as your TYPICAL overnight, weekday, going to make my commute...