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    High beams always on…

    I’ve notice recently that every Tesla I see has there high beams on. Not sure if there is a system problem or if people are just leaving them on all the time? I drive for a living and find it very dangerous on other peoples vision of the road. Not sure Tesla owners know this or care? Well this...
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    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    Every so often a family friend will send me a link about Tesla crashes on autopilot and how dangerous my new car can be. I've always thought that these must be people who are doing really crazy things, until I took a road trip from San Diego to Dallas that took me through some curvy mountain...
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    NoA brakes on highway for merging vehicles

    My wife and I are big fans of Tesla. We have a model 3 and a Y and both have NoA. I love to use NoA on the highway, but have found this issue to be a safety concern that should be resolved as anytime the car brakes suddenly and unexpectedly it could cause an accident. When driving in the...
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    Don't try this on the highway... 2020.4.1

    Today I learned something new about Tesla's FSD AP. Luckily I'm still alive. When going on the highway with AP ON (without NoAP) and you are passing your exit, literally going next to the exit lane AND you enable NoAP car just rips towards the exit lane. Luckily for me the road was dry and...
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    i have to say after owning a model 3 since June and using autopilot practically every day on highways, we are a long way away from full Autopilot. Almost every day in my commute (40 miles) to and from work, in a HOV lane, my car experiences rapid deceleration for no reason. I report the bug...
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    Dangers of flammable oil

    Another recognition of the danger of flammable oil. Fiery Oil-Train Derailments Prompt Calls For Less Flammable Oil : NPR