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data roaming

  1. ModelNforNerd

    3G connectivity crossing a border

    Quick question about an older Model S with the 3G connection: We're driving from suburban Boston to Montreal in a few weeks, will my car connect to Rogers (or some other provider) once we cross into Canada, or am I on my own for those few days?
  2. L

    L'utilization d'un Model S (EUs) en France

    Bonjour tout le monde. Je vais l'ecrire en anglais afin de assurer que mon poste est correct. I have a Tesla Model S with US specifications that I have shipped with me to France. Wondering if anyone has the answers to these questions: 1. I am having trouble charging the vehicle. I only get...
  3. B

    United States based Model S internet connection working in Canada now (Dec 2014)

    I just took a road trip over the weekend to Vancouver B.C. Much to my surprise, the 3G internet connection in my Model S worked perfectly fine in Canada. On my previous trips, once I crossed the border, the car would lose it's internet connection as it lost it's U.S. cell connection. I know...