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  1. J

    Defog and A/C

    In the morning lately, my windows all fog up and I need to put on the defog. Usually I put it on hot for the quick blast and defog. When I turn it off, it gets a bit cold and I noticed that the a/c is turned on with both hot and cold defog. Is there a way to default back to heat when I turn...
  2. B

    Model X HVAC poor defrost /defog function-Normal or Malfunction?

    I live in NE Ohio where the heater/deicing is used a lot. On my Model X I have always had to manually turn on the defog function and have to continually play with it in fogging/icing conditions. I got a Model S loaner that the defogging worked great. See the 2 screenshots. With the climate...
  3. D

    Antennas in exterior mirrors

    In case anyone was wondering what the antennas located in the outside mirrors look like; thanks to an unintended encounter with a barricade I provide the following image - Hopefully this will not be too expensive to remedy :eek: