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  1. M

    2024 Highland Tesla Model 3 Performance Deep Dive

    I did the first of several videos that I am going to do about the new Highland Model 3 Performance. Yes, Tesla does in fact refer to it as the "Highland" Model 3. This is a deep dive video into optimizing the 2024 Highland Model 3 Performance for both acceleration and efficiency. Here are some...
  2. M

    This is how important the 60 foot time is for the 1/4 mile

    Everyone is wondering how much better the Model 3 Performance time can get with the new vehicle. This post will attempt to show how impactful a very small decrease in 60 foot time can be for your total 1/4 mile time. I have 4 separate runs down the same lane of the same track with my 2022 Model...
  3. D.E.


    There’s a performance device called “dragy” that reportedly is very accurate. It’s $149. I’d certainly like to measure my Tesla’s performance, (uncorked S75D), but once that’s done I don’t really feel a need to have that dragy device sitting years unused in a drawer. So... What I propose...
  4. JTesmod3

    Dragy 0-60 Model 3 AWD

    Got 2 runs in on my morning commute...put some technical information (battery charge, tire psi, temp.) if anyones interested