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drivetrain warranty

  1. andyro

    2012 Sig Motor Fault 3 months out of Warranty

    My 2012 Sig (S2108) blew its motor yesterday 3 months out of the 8yr drivetrain warranty. It's Spring here in Canada - car has been in freezing temps since October, parked outside, but always under a carport. Here's the thing, when Tesla service opened up the motor after faulting to the point of...
  2. A

    Warranty transfer info (unlimited miles drive unit & battery)

    Just for my own information what is the deal with the tesla warranty on these model 3 and third party sales. I believe in 2019 they changed the warranty language and terms completely for the drive unit, battery degradation etc but they will still honor the original warranty at the time of...
  3. dauger

    Tesla Makes Good on Drive Unit Warranty

    About a second into hard acceleration from a start from a freeway on-ramp limit light (I was trying to beat a BMW 3-series), a loud "BANG" came from what seems like the drive unit part of the car, then the car coasted to a stop while I could still make the motor whirr (I could hear it) using the...
  4. davecolene0606

    200k Powertrain Warranty

    Hey everyone, As I am nearing the end of my initial warranty period due to miles, I began thinking about the MS Powertrain and it's utter simplicity in terms of moving parts and lack of items to service. As we have seen here stuff like the main bearings have to be re packed with graphite @...