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Warranty transfer info (unlimited miles drive unit & battery)

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Just for my own information what is the deal with the tesla warranty on these model 3 and third party sales.

I believe in 2019 they changed the warranty language and terms completely for the drive unit, battery degradation etc but they will still honor the original warranty at the time of purchase for the older model S with Unlimited miles on the battery and drive unit. (The unlimited warranty on the older models does not cover degradation like the new ones which they guarantee 70% up to 8 years)

So the question is if a vehicle is sold through third party sale not a dealer, does the unlimited mile warranty on the drive unit and battery transfer to the new owner? I assume Tesla is still honoring that but I could be wrong.

Any info is appreciated.
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You are right, if i recall it is 8 years plus the unlimited miles.

The more I read threads on here about the horrible customer service and tesla SC trying to get out of covering warranties the more I'm put off. Doing my due diligence regardless.
It’s X years and unlimited miles. Not just unlimited miles.

And if Tesla could weasel their way out of it, they would.
Am I cynical for thinking Tesla had its legal team worked an extra shift trying to figure out a way they could get out of the 8 year unlimited mile warranty ...

Something tells me elon Musk had envisioned a world where teslas were never sold to a second owner but rather discarded by the original owner for a new one. Kinda like a cell phone.
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In any case, unlimited warranty of an unspecified degradation limit is about as good as a limited / specified degradation limit with no (Tesla recognised) means of external verification.

Weasly doesn't come near!
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