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  1. S

    Epanee Charging and dryer splitter

    New to posting here and hope this is the right area. Does anyone own this or have any information/review on this splitter, or see any issue with it? It has a breaker built in, 24 amp and 25 max draw. And I have a 14-50 adapter for my Gen1 Tesla charger and my dryer input plug is this...
  2. hezza8

    EV-Powershare, smart 240V splitter for dryer and EVSE

    Hi Folks, For anyone looking to share their dryer circuit with their Tesla UMC, please check out a new solution that we have worked on called Ev-Powershare (EVPS) EVPS is for EV owners whom have a dryer or any 240V appliance in their garage, enabling them to share that circuit with their...
  3. ishareit

    10-30 to 14-30 adapter and charging advise

    Hello everyone! My first post here... I am getting a delivery of my Model S soon (so excited!) and wanted to get setup for charging in the meantime. To add an outlet in the garage dedicated to charging with a 50 AMP circuit is going to be too much work as per the electricians I contacted. They...
  4. KBurbridge14

    Extension Cord For 14-50 Charging

    I'm preparing to embark on a road trip from California to the Northwest. Undoubtedly, I'll be using the Washer/Dryer 14-50 outlets of friends to charge my X. Keeping in mind that I have the High Amperage Upgraded Charging capability, what extension cord would you recommend? Any trial-and-error...
  5. S

    Hey Tesla, there is a need for that NEMA 14-30 adapter still!

    If you aren't already up to speed: Trying to find a Tesla NEMA 14-30 adapter The short story is that there is still a need for the NEMA 14-30 adapter that Tesla has discontinued. This need is increasing both as a percentage of current ownership that is realizing the 14-30 is useful, and as a...