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  1. C

    What electric bikes work well with Tesla owners?

    Hi everyone - I've been looking to buy a folding electric bike for ages for my commute into town, and using as an alternative to the train. I want something that I can easily transport easily in my Tesla (Model X) - the dream is to be able to take it on family holidays, and use to complete some...
  2. Brando

    MX electric bikes - 2018

    Sur-Ron Light Bee/Firefly MX Electric Bike Sur-Ron Light Bee/Firefly MX Electric Bike and others mentioned are: Kuberg; LMX-161; Oset 24; KTM Freeride E-XC; Zero FX not sure IF this is an exhaustive list - probably not - others are encouraged to add PS- Harley is bringing on a complete...
  3. C

    I've been looking for a way to convert a bike to e-bike

    Electric bikes seem to be in the thousands of dollars. I'm researching do-it-yourself options and will let you know what I find. There on some products online that sound promising, like this one. Do you think there is enough interest in electric bikes to start a website or club? Fast...
  4. K5ING

    And now for something completely different... Tesla Bike?

    I wonder if Tesla would consider engineering and manufacturing a Tesla branded electric bicycle? Yes, I know that there are other EV bikes out there, but I don't think that they are all that popular. Can you even name one by brand? Knowing Tesla's method of throwing conventional wisdom out...