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environmental impact

  1. P

    Get $50 for reducing pollution!

    FYI: National Grid in Massachusetts is offering EV owners $50 upfront and $20 per year for the ability to pause EV charging for a few hours on hot summer days to reduce pollution from peaker power plants. Sounds like a win-win to me! You can go here to sign up: ConnectedSolutions EV There are...
  2. chasharris

    Anyone else found a snail in their M3?

    I know Teslas are environmentally friendly, but I didn't expect this. I decided to give my brand new M3 a quick clean this afternoon, lifted the bonnet (trans: hood) and found a snail happily sitting there. Anyone else found they were hosting local wildlife in their car?
  3. Chrisizzle

    How to calculate saved emissions?

    Hello, Does anyone know of an online calculator that can work out the positive benefits of miles driven in an EV? Specifically... I am putting together a business proposal and being 'green' is important to the client. I've driven a Tesla as my primary vehicle for 4 years now. That includes...