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false positive

  1. Jerrboyy

    False Positive Automatic Emergency Braking at 80mph

    While driving 80mph on a highway and my lane was clear of traffic in front of me. However, traffic visualization displayed a small sedan in front of my car, adjacent to the semi I was passing. As I approached closer to the false car, automatic emergency braking suddenly engaged and slowed me...
  2. Sacramento

    Phantom Braking Needs to be Reported and Fixed

    Yeah, it's bad. I'll be cruising along at 70 mph and my Model Y sees a yellow caution sign with flashing lights and hits the brakes. I push the camera icon to report each incident. Not sure how much that helps, if at all.
  3. R

    Cruise control false positive, "taps" the brake

    Just completed 1,200 mile round trip on interstates (95 and 16) and excellent secondary roads in FL, GA and SC. My car is new, as in 3 weeks and 1,200 miles, Model S, 100D. My previous car was a 2016 Model S 90D that I drove for 34,000 miles and 3 years. When using cruise control and auto steer...
  4. Z

    Autopilot slammed on breaks in middle of highway

    Hey everyone. I wanted to share a heads up (I have already called Tesla). This morning I was driving to work on the Veteran's Expressway north of Tampa, FL and I had two separate events. The first event occurred where traffic slowed down, I had my autopilot following distance set to 5 (i...