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  1. Brian's ReX

    TeslaCam Always Recording?

    Today was the first time I have driven ReX since I got the latest (to me) update to 2020.12. When I got home from a half-hour drive, I got a message stating that my drive was full?!? I've had the same drive in since early last year (April, I believe) and I have never tapped the icon to record...
  2. C

    Sentry mode again

    I understand that you have to format a USB drive to use FAT32 to record Sentry Model video. FAT32 has a limitation of 4 GB per file. As I understand it, Sentry Mode videos are often bigger than 4GB. How does this work?
  3. kataleen

    Guide on how to set up one SDD for both dash cam recordings and personal media

    Hi all, since there was quite a lot of information scattered all around, I did a write up for how to format and configure an SDD to work with the Model 3 for both personal media and the dash cam recordings. For now this targets Windows computers for setting up. If anyone can do something similar...
  4. enolam

    USB for dashcam exFAT vs FAT

    I'm sure this has been asked and answered but I can't find the answer here. I searched for a good USB for dash cam and Sentry according to recommendations on this forum. I don't need it for music. I ended up purchasing a 64 GB thumbdrive...
  5. M

    Dashcam - Setup and more -- Ring capabilities?

    So after we setup the Dashcam and was 'lucky' enough to witness and capture this accident, we were discussing the benefits of the Dashcam and the Model 3's other cameras-- 8 outside, 1 inside. We LOVE our Ring and it really does make a difference in our home monitoring and telling UPS to put...