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fluid leak

  1. R

    Can someone help me identify this leak?

    I have a 2023 model 3 that I picked up last Thursday. Today, I was sitting in my driveway playing around on the display and performed a software update. After about 30 minutes I got out of the vehicle and noticed a leak coming from under the vehicle on the rear left side. I sent a picture to...
  2. M

    Passenger Side Leak

    After driving home from a car wash, my passenger was getting her feet wet on the passenger side. The fluid was dripping on her feet and it looked like a neon green in color. I have a Model 3 2022. Is this a urgent concern? should I take it to get serviced? Has anyone else had this?
  3. D

    Leaking 3-way valve

    I just purchased a used 2015 85D and after driving with the heat on, found a small puddle of coolant under the front of the car on the passenger side. It only appears when I run the heater (which is why I suspect the previous owner never noticed it as he was in a warmer part of the country)...
  4. D

    Can a battery coolant heater replacement cause coolant leak?

    Hi all, I had to have my battery coolant heater replaced in February for my 2015 Model S when I received error messages that said "vehicle may not restart" and "acceleration and speed reduced". During this service appointment, they also seem to have topped off the coolant (the coolant is listed...
  5. Petra

    Oily Fluid Leaking From Autopilot Camera Housing

    On the morning of May 8th, I went into my garage to clean the Model S windshield before my wife left for work and noticed a ~6" long drip/run of a clear oily fluid running down the inside of the windshield from the Autopilot camera housing. The fluid felt somewhat similar to a machine oil...