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fsd ap1 upgrade

  1. SeanM

    Final FSD Update - Change of HD 2.5 to HD 3.0.

    For those who have purchased the FSD package and got HD 3.0 in their Model3, So, I had purchased the FSD package some times last year and got an email that my Model-3 is next in line to get the new HD 3.0. (it currently has HD 2.5). My question is how long does the actual installation process...
  2. K

    Buying used tesla with no Autopilot and FSD. how much to upgrade?

    Hi, I found a car in craigslist 2019 Tesla model 3. It has neither auto pilot nor FSD nor EAP. How much does it cost me to just upgrade it to EAP? I dont know if I have an option to upgrade it to EAP or not? Can any one please suggest if it would be less expensive if the original owner buys...
  3. E

    Can I upgrade my Ap1 car to Full Self Driving ( FSD )?

    Has there been any chatter regarding the ability to upgrade Ap1 cars to FSD. My understanding is that Tesla will replace hardware on Ap2/2.5 to make them able to be FSD. I am guessing the biggest challenge with Ap1 cars is running cameras into the B pillars.