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  1. JohnGarziglia

    Unavailability of Tesla Parts Lists/Diagrams and Service Manuals

    This above is a quote from the thread: Tailgate Release Actuator Issue - Page 2. The refusal of Tesla to provide parts listings and diagrams, and service manuals, is troubling. I just wrote this below to an FTC blog post on the subject of Tesla (Direct-to-consumer auto sales: It’s not...
  2. dauger

    FTC: Direct Consumer Auto Sales: It's not just about Tesla

    The Federal Trade Commission continues to advocate for direct sales, calls out Michigan's ban, in a new post today: Direct-to-consumer auto sales: It’s not just about Tesla | Federal Trade Commission Send this to your legislators if you're in a state that supports dealership power. They need...
  3. D

    FTC Staff: Missouri & New Jersey Should Repeal Prohibitions on Direct Auto Sales

    Huge Press Release that just popped online from the FTC. Tesla should put out a PR themselves and this should generate multiple news stories in the MSM. FTC Staff: Missouri and New Jersey Should Repeal Their Prohibitions on Direct-to-Consumer Auto Sales by Manufacturers | Federal Trade...