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fwd damage

  1. B

    FWD Glass Replacement

    So my wife opened one of the FWD into parking garage roof somehow today and broke the glass on one of the doors. Should I have expected the sensors to prevent this somehow? Do I have any argument that it should be covered under warranty as FWD malfunction? Not overly expense at the service...
  2. F

    Model X Falcon Wing Door crashed into a beam in my garage

    Hi Everyone, I've seen a couple of posts about the same issue but I couldn't really get the answers I was looking reading them. Yesterday, after parking my 1 week old Model X in my garage, the sensor on the Falcon Wing Door failed to notice a beam and slammed the door into it. Sadly one of the...
  3. travwill

    FWD latch crushing-denting step

    Anyone else have this issue? Picked up X from service the other day and noticed this damage. I don't think it was service (could have been I guess). The damage is right around the latch and in a square pattern so figure the latch is pulling the door too tight or hard against the step causing...