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  1. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Qualifying statement: We're a family of 4. The shortest person is 5'10". We have two dogs, each 65 lbs that travel everywhere with us (by everywhere, I mean they jump into the car for a CVS run). Don't get me wrong, I love my Model X and I wish I didn't have to sell it but 10 days in a BMW X7...
  2. dauger

    Forbes: Will Tesla's Battery Investment Win It the Inside Track Against the Germans?

    Will battery supply be a deciding factor in the future of long-range BEVs? This Forbes article today considers the discussion: Will Tesla's Battery Investment Win It The Inside Track Against The Germans? The author quotes from this "published report": Tesla Disrupts Different - Market Share...
  3. horst98

    24h World Record with an electric production car 1,506 mi including charging

    On the weekend June 18.+19. 2016 (noon to noon) we drove a new world record for electric production cars on German Autobahns. The GPS-Tracker counted up to 1,506 mi (2,424 km). On the screen the Model S P85D showed 1,517 mi (2,442 km). We started at the newly built Supercharger at Ulm...
  4. dauger

    WSJ How Tesla Leaves its Rivals Playing Catch Up

    Given WSJ's usual string of hit pieces, I am pleasantly surprised to see them publish this: How Tesla Leaves its Rivals Playing Catch Up - WSJ offering an agreeable lay of the land in light of recent events affecting German carmakers. "The Big Three German auto makers only wish they could...