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grand junction

  1. jskco

    Vendor So susceptible to damage, we include this spot for free - Protecting Tesla Paint.

    Paint protection is not a uniquely Tesla issue. Without exception, vehicles benefit from paint protection films and ceramic coatings. Tesla's unique design and engineering create some unique needs for paint protection. This topic came up again on a recent customer's Model Y. We were installing a...
  2. jskco

    Vendor How to Protect and Enhance Your New Tesla

    My name is Justin Krauss, and I am the Managing Member of Ceramic Pro Grand Junction / Auto Detailing 360. We get a lot of questions from new Tesla owners about what they should and should not do to protect or enhance their vehicles. We spent several hours last week helping a Tesla owner get the...
  3. vespax

    3 Destination Chargers - Main Street, Grand Junction, CO

    Hey folks, I wanted to share a little news and experience. In the fall I contacted Tesla about some DC for my office. They offered to provide 4 chargers (I opted for 3) and have them installed for the public to use. These are right on Main Street in Downtown Grand Junction! The additional...