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  1. ngng

    Android Auto with TeslAA

    While it isn't perfect, I'm impressed with how far the developer was able to take it. For $5, I'm more than happy to support the continued development. The app uses your phone to encode the video output and stream it over a local VPN. The browser is as responsive, if not more responsive than...
  2. Jason71

    TESLAA - Android Auto for Tesla App

    A new app has been released in beta for Android which allows Android Auto to work on a Tesla. It is a bit buggy by all accounts but it seems to work. To get it to work you have to download the app and give it a bunch of scary permissions. I could not find it on a search of the play store but...
  3. RNHurt

    App v4.0 Font Size

    First I would like to express my joy at being able to turn on the A/C without having to wait for the car to wake up. This capability alone is worth the upgrade. However, all is not perfect, at least on Android. The fonts don't seem to be following the Android guidelines for using the system...
  4. RNHurt

    2020.48.10 SMS gray on gray text is hard to read

    Is anyone else having trouble reading the gray text on slightly lighter grey background when you get an SMS message? I really like the new conversation format that mirrors most "text" applications (your messages on the right and other's responses on the right). The white text on dark blue text...
  5. SwedishAdvocate

    Suggestion re: the Forum Rules

    A little while ago I wanted to find the Forum Rules. Having had too little sleep, and having been away from my good ole Mac for a while I forgot I could simply search for them. It therefore took a while before I vaguely recalled perhaps they were posted somewhere in the "Site Feedback"...