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halogen bulbs

  1. brantse

    Replaced Halogens with LED's

    Last week I had a headlamp burn out, which interestingly enough is indicated by the "toy car" on the instrument cluster. As my car is not equipped with the tech package, it is equipped with halogen lamps. Considering there's probably not a lot of vehicles out there without the TP, this won't...
  2. L

    How to Replace the Tesla Model S Headlight Bulb (Non-Tech Pkg)

    How to Replace the Tesla Model S Halogen Headlight Bulb (Non-Tech Pkg) I guess I've got one of the rare Model S cars that has no tech package. The headlight bulbs for these cars are the 9005 type (HB3 12V 65W). The only instructions I came across for replace the bulbs on the these cars was...