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  1. K

    Cost to replace front bumper and one headlight?

    I hit a pillar and damaged my front bumper and one headlight (the headlight works fine but the covering is broken). Any idea of cost estimate to replace this? I have insurance from Progessive. Should I use insurance or pay out-of-pocket for fear of premium increase? Does just reporting this and...
  2. S

    Headlight Beam Converter Kit

    Taking my UK Model 3 to France. I'm told I need a Headlamp beam converter kit to 'not dazzle' oncoming traffic. Anyone have any experience with these? Can the Model 3 be adjusted manually with the 'Adjust Headlights' option under Service. It says only a trained service technician should do...
  3. H

    Tesla is Replacing LED Headlamp - But I have XPEL

    I'm getting my passenger headlamp assembly replaced under warranty due to a buzzing sound that doesn't stop after the headlight and car turns off. Unfortunately, I've had XPEL applied to the headlamp. Has anyone had any experience getting Tesla to cover the cost of something aftermarket like that?
  4. MikeInFL

    Model S and Roadster parts for sale!

    I have several items for sale for Model S and Roadster. - OEM Roadster Headlights (driver's side has light peeling that can be corrected) - $500.00 - Model S Arm Rest / Cup Holder (2 different styles) - $100.00 (each) - Signature Red Driver's Side Mirror Cap (light scratches / clear bra...