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hot air

  1. P

    Hot air in the back seat of the model 3

    Hi, I’m a new owner of a Tesla model 3 and can’t figure out how to get rid of the hot air in the back seat. Even when I turn off the fans at the back, hot air keeps coming out. Does anyone know the solution?
  2. S

    AC blowing very hot air and loud noises

    Hey guys! First time posting. I have a 2019 Model X a few weeks ago and I love it! However yesterday I noticed the car’s AC wasn’t working correctly, it was only getting cold once it got to 45 mph or highway driving. Thought could be a software glitch so I reset with the steering wheel and...
  3. D

    Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air

    '13 S 60kw. 52k miles (2 weeks CPO). During the fathers day heat wave, we had a horrible experience. Sunday morning the A/C was working fine. We parked outdoors for about an hour and a half during the weekend heat wave. When we were back in the car, it would only blow hot air. Ext temp...
  4. roblab

    Hot air balloon lands near Model S

    My wifey was out jogging at the college track this AM when a hot air balloon comes drifting up from the Napa Valley. Seems they got off course, and were up in our hills. Nothing but vineyards and trees for miles, until they see the college fields in our caldera up here. A quick landing, right...