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  1. guccitrash

    Searching for hotels with destination chargers

    Hey there! Still waiting on my Model Y and currently planning a road trip and noticed something - are there any hotel sites that allow you to filter down to hotels with chargers? I typically use booking.com to search for hotels and there doesn't appear to be a Tesla charger filter. Does anybody...
  2. C

    Nice destination charging locations in Europe

    Dear Community Finding nice destination charging locations can be quite cumbersome, not even speaking of disappointing experiences. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to share respective feedbacks. Here's my first input: Chateau de Moison is located about 30 km North from Bourges...
  3. Eevee

    Your Best Tesla Road Trip Advice?

    A month and a half ago I bought a used Model S. Over the holidays I flew to visit my sister. While I was there I got a bit frustrated with my ICE rental car and thought, "Why didn't I just drive instead of fly?" So now I'm thinking about what road trips I want to take with my Tesla. My normal...
  4. M

    Hotel Charging Directory

    AZ, Tucson, La Paloma Resort. There are two 30amp Tesla-branded chargers at this resort. The valet staff reports that they were installed by Tesla and the stalls have Tesla signage. On the forum, there are plenty of requests for information about charging locations at hotels, but I haven't...
  5. Q

    Destination Charging at Hotels

    Hello: I am a huge Tesla fan (I live in Manhattan so do not own one yet, but soon I hope...) and am working on a project to partner hotels with Tesla charging stations. We are looking for owners who would like to see more hotels have charging stations for their Teslas to tell us if and why that...
  6. mckemie

    Wiki Charging and Lodging

    I haven't found a place in this forum where lodging with charging opportunities are listed. I'll list a few that I know of which will be around Texas. Perhaps someone with more talent will better organize it. And, of course, contribute. Maybe someone can figure out how to put the below...