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  1. J

    12v battery / vampire drain / humming noise... Tesla errors?? Warranty??

    Hi everyone! I’ve recently buy a S70D 2016 and notice a daily vampire drain up to 8%!! (No summing or sentinel) Also notice humming noise from the front that I don’t know if is related... but from yesterday I’ve got the message “schedule service to replace low voltage battery” when it was...
  2. D

    2010 Tesla Roadster Sport PEM Humming

    So a newer Roadster here and I have a question, hopefully you can help me out with. 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport. I have not drove the car alot, But went for a 10 mile drive last night and noticed when I went out to the garage later in the evening it was humming from the PEM box. This morning I...
  3. E

    HPWC installation question - humming noise coming from conduit. Is this normal?

    New Tesla owner here. I recently had a HPWC installed in my garage. Concern is a subtle humming noise from conduit while charging at 48 amps. Is this normal?? Details: Dedicated 60 AMP circuit running from my panel approx 100 feet to attached garage. 3 Wires (l1, l2, ground) are #6 copper...
  4. SSD420

    Humming noise - is this normal?

    I'm currently sitting in my MX, fully charged, ready to go on a mini-road trip and I noticed that my car is humming. Is this normal? It is silent outside - it's 215am, no one is awake. I noticed it earlier tonight too on my drive home to charge before I leave... Should I be worrying? It's...