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  1. n.one.one

    Blinker fluid, where do I fill on a Model X?

    As you can see from my avatar I'm a blinker fluid expert...but...I have an issue I need help with. I just bought a bottle of blinker fluid and I don't know where to refill it on a Model X. I see the fill point for windshield washer fluid but I don't want to mix that with the blinker fluid. Any...
  2. Kat Jacks

    Check List for Prospective Passengers

    My red M3 is being delivered today (9/29/20) (it's just after midnight EDT as I write this) and I'm so excited. I'm already obsessing about keeping it clean inside and out. I've made an appointment to have PPF and ceramic coating put on 3 weeks from now. I'm also concerned about other people...
  3. S

    From PGA Tour - straight out of Tesla’s emission test

    Normally I wouldn’t post this but sure it will get some laughs and that’s something we can use during covid. This is straight from Tesla’s Easter Egg Emissions Test... Ian Poulter is taking credit for this epic fart picked up by microphones during the final round
  4. K

    First World problems

    Gasp, it's been 4 weeks or so since a software update. (Twitch, twitch, withdrawal symptoms, twitch) ;)
  5. engle

    Collection of Luddite opinions about level 5 autonomous vehicles :-)

    I normally ignore uninformed comments on public stock websites, but decided to reply to this one: 2019: "One of the main reasons it won't be successful is most riders will not get in one. I'm a Uber driver and I ask my riders if they would get in one and most of them said they will not get in a...
  6. ammulder

    What do I do?

    So I'm driving a rented Rogue until my delivery on 5/7. On the way home today, the central touch screen went black. No radio, camera, anything. If I changed the volume or station using the steering wheel buttons, the normal overlays appeared at the top of a black screen. But the volume and...
  7. B

    To celebrate the 2018 Annual Shareholder's Meeting, I made Elon a card.

    Happy 2018 Annual Shareholder's Meeting Day everyone! https://i.imgur.com/DQVj1yE.jpg
  8. S

    Funny Bug Report speech interpretations

    File this in the Humor category. Yesterday we got a big laugh when we went to send in a navigation bug report. This was up in Redwood City on El Camino and turning at the street where Eco Green Auto Clean was. Pressed the speak button and husband relayed something like "Bug report. Navigation...
  9. CoastalCruiser

    Holiday Break: 2018 TOP 10 Reasons Not To Buy a Model 3

    (actually it’s a baker’s dozen) Did you know that there are top 10 lists floating around the internet as to why someone should not buy a Model 3? They list the usual silly reasons. I realized that any enthusiast could easily come up with a much better top 10 list of truly silly reasons to...
  10. FlyF4

    Reasons I HATE driving my old car

    No, not the model X…. talking about my “X” car, the Toyota. You know, like an ex husband or ex wife! After months of driving my MODEL X, I get in the Toyota ICE and here is what happens: Yea, this is sick humor I open the Frunk to put my briefcase in there, only to realize an engine is in...
  11. mspohr

    BBC TopGear "Driverless" Tesla Prank

    BBC had a driver disguised to be invisible (seems he dressed to look like the seat) and filmed people's reactions: Video: watch people lose their minds over a Tesla prank Humorous reactions from drivers passing the car.
  12. CoastalCruiser

    The Other Secret Plan: Tesla as Ticket to Heaven

    The Other Secret Plan: Tesla as Ticket to Heaven It’s a little known fact that there is another secret plan associated with the popularization of the electric car. But this plan comes from a different source. Beyond the long list of features available on a Tesla automobile there is a major...
  13. John Stuckey

    MB Model AA

    Thought this was funny. Hits a few talking points! SNL does a good job. onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AFDbbgX8yqCnkXY&cid=841C36C60BF92CC5&id=841C36C60BF92CC5!1342&parId=root&o=OneUp
  14. C

    Humor: one security option

    Thought this one was a better alarm than some of them out there. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=331364683685034