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  1. N

    Hurricane season? Tesla Solar is not ready [because owners can not charge from the grid on demand]

    Hurricane season is here. We bought our systems to prepare for disasters and other causes of power loss. Am I confident my system provide the service I purchased? Not at all. And here's why. The Storm Watch mode is enabled by Tesla and some triggers from the National Weather Service. At...
  2. J

    Tesla Model 3 Service Issues

    Model 3 Standard Range Plus Service Issues: a somewhat reasonable rant. Please read to the end. This is long, here is a summary: I just barely missed out on free supercharging miles, I missed out on white (which is a paint I wanted but couldn’t muster up my wallet for. This is a stupid remark...
  3. N

    HuffPost article mentions challenges to Tesla microgrids in Puerto Rico.

    This article grabs attention using Tesla in the headline, but is really about the challenges of introducing tech in our own Third World territory. On Puerto Rico’s 'Forgotten Island,' Tesla's Busted Solar Panels Tell A Cautionary Tale
  4. Brando

    hurricanes/climate - better understand complexities and newer tools

    http://www.atkinson.cornell.edu/event... Speaker: Gabriel Vecchi (Princeton University) Recorded at Cornell University - May 7, 2018 For more from the Atkinson Center follow/visit: youtube.com/channel/UCawn0YsCAltFrsmSFP3bPMg and atkinson.cornell.edu
  5. digitalboi

    If You Are Evacuating and Need a Charge!!!

    If you are an evacuee and traveling in your Tesla and need a charge to continue I have a charger you are welcome to use to get you through to the next stop! PM me
  6. N

    Hurricane Matthew

    Good luck to all our Florida Tesla Peeps in the path of Hurricane Matthew. One thing's for sure, you are not amongst the hoards in line for gasoline. Mike