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inventory models

  1. brjr

    Custom build vs inventory?

    Can anyone tell me how i can determine if my Model 3 that i took delivery for on June 29 was from inventory or custom built. My salesman tells me i am not entitled to the factory incentive for the free one year of supercharges because my car was custom ordered and not out of inventory. But i...
  2. I

    Paint chip on new inventory MX

    Hi Folks, I picked up a new inventory MX 75 last weekend with only 12 miles on it. I noticed some defects with the trim and seal along with a few paint chips and one chip on the wheel. One paint chip exposed the metal underneath. The delivery people agreed to fix trim and seal but was adamant...
  3. I

    Expectations for inventory MX pickup

    Hi, I'm scheduled to pick up an inventory 2018 MX 75 with 50 listed miles soon. With the low miles, I'm hoping that this will be a showroom model rather than a loaner or test drive car. I have a checklist of items to inspect, but I'm unsure about what to expect with regards to wear-and-tear on...
  4. I

    Anyone buy a new inventory MX?

    Hi Folks, I'm leaning towards a new inventory/showroom 2018 MX 75d, 7 seater with 50 miles and wonder if anyone else here has bought a inventory/showroom MX? I'm concerned about some wear and tear to the seats, doors, etc... and wanted to see if you've experienced that on your MX. Since a new...
  5. I

    Inventory vs brand new MX?

    I was taking my time to decide between an inventory MX vs a brand new one, but with the pending price increase (3%) on March 18th, I'll have to figure it out this week. Would you get the 2018 inventory model or a brand new one??? Inventory model 2018 MX 75d multi-pattern black base seats...
  6. kilocar

    New Inventory Teslas getting "frozen" starting tomorrow

    I have a friend who works at a local Tesla dealership. He informed me today that he was told Tesla is removing all of it's new inventory models from the system starting tomorrow. Apparently, it has to do with Tesla being able to deliver any new/custom order prior to end of Q4, so they would...