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  1. SalisburySam

    Lane numbers in some posts...a California thing?

    I’ve seen several posts where posters described their driving experiences using lane numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.). In decades of driving I’ve not seen this before. Since most of the posters report CA in their signatures, I’m assuming it’s a SoCal or CA thingie. So for the rest of us, which lane is...
  2. JP68

    Request for Auto-steer feature "manual lane-changing without chime".

    Small intro: I'm driving a Tesla S in Netherlands and Belgium (Europe) for about 3 months, and really happy about it. One annoying thing though, which (imho) could be improved quite easily, is lane-changing while the car is on auto-steer. For USA readers: we have a 'keep right' rule on our...