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leather care

  1. drhombus

    Leather seat’s waterproof layer rubbed off

    So when I got my used Model S there was this strange stain in the rear seat. I tried to scrub it off but it looked like it just kept spreading. Turns out it was really me just removing the waterproof coating. I definitely goofed. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this look any better...
  2. 5

    Tips for touching up small scratch in black leather? [vegan leather]

    **picture to follow** Just picked up a 2018 M3 and there is a scratch in the passenger side rear seat. It is not a tear, but it looks like the black was scratched away. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fill in the chip? I don't want to order just any black leather paint as I would hate...
  3. S

    Cost-effective solutions for new car: Paint Coating? Tint? DIY?

    I just picked up my S60 today. Absolutely adore the car, and now I'm thinking about how to beautify and protect it, and I'd love to get your thoughts. My car is on a two year lease, so I don't want go too crazy (saving the splurge for my Model 3 P100L coming in 2018!). So cost-effective...
  4. kashiraja

    Leather care / sealant

    I saw a couple of posts about the issue of dye transfer from jeans to leather (particularly white or tan leather). Has anyone found a decent product that is suitable for the kind of leather that is used in the MS? I wear jeans frequently and I haven't noticed any issues yet, but I have only had...